Where can I return my old Dopper bottle?


You are doing well, thinking ahead and being good for the environment! Dopper bottles are of course made to last for years, but sometimes you have a bottle that you no longer use or one that has a little too many kiloliters of water on the counter.

Dopper to the rescue! Because from now on you can hand in your old bottle.

At Dopper, we are already working on reducing single-use plastic. But we want to go one step further. That is why we take responsibility for the materials we use in our bottles.

How does it work?

Of course, first check whether you can make someone else happy with the bottle! Or give your bottle a second life by replacing a worn part.

Do you still want to return the bottle? No problem! But make our sorters happy with a clean and dry bottle. This prevents the bottle from smelling like a compost pile after a while. Then race to the nearest WAAR store. There are more than 20, so probably one near you. At the WAAR they are happy to take the bottle from you (and they are just as happy to help you with a brand new one).

Dopper collects the bottles (printed and unprinted), takes them apart and sorts the parts. Then our recycling partner goes off with the material. They ensure that clean and usable raw materials are made from it again. More questions?

Do you have more questions about our intake program?
Check these FAQs. You can also use the chat at the bottom right of your screen. Then we will contact you within a few hours!