Is my Dopper bottle responsibly produced?


Dopper Original 

The Dopper Original is produced right here in the Netherlands. For this we have one trusted production partner. Keeping the production close to home means easy communication and less shipping. Plus, it means that you trust that our Original is produced with respect for people and planet.  

The materials for the Dopper Original are supplied by different companies: 

Germany: 2 suppliers (1 for the Seal Rings, 1 for the Body) 
United States: 1 supplier (Cup) 
Netherlands: 1 supplier (colour pigments) 

Dopper Glass, Insulated and Steel  

The Dopper Glass, Insulated and Steel models are produced in China. They are made by partners that understand our mission. We did our research and chose to collaborate with like-minded businesses in China. Partners who share not only our sustainability ambitions (they’ve got roofs full of solar panels), but also our commitment to being a great place to work for employees, working according to the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct.  

Besides that, things have changed in China. Environmental regulations – e.g., on surface water quality and emissions - are stricter than ever. Progress on social fairness is yearly monitored through BSCI audits and bi-yearly for Cradle to Cradle.

The materials for the Dopper Glass, Insulated and Steel are also supplied by different companies: 

United States: 1 supplier (Cup) 
China: 12 suppliers (2 for the Body, 2 for the Cap, 3 for the Seal Rings, and 5 for the colour pigments) 

Production location 

Although our bottles shipped carbon neutral with the GoodShipping program, they still need to travel more. So why not just make the Dopper Glass, Insulated and Steel in Europe too? Simply put, because we can’t.  

Steel bottles are only produced outside of Europe. With the exception of aluminium bottles, a material we choose not to work with as it dents more easily than steel, giving it a shorter lifespan. It also requires adding an extra lining, making it less easy to recycle. Similarly, you won’t find the skills and machinery required to create our insulated bottle out of borosilicate glass in Europe.