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My Dopper bottle is leaking


It goes without saying that the Dopper bottle should not be leaking! You are right to look for information here. We need you to help us find out which part of your bottle is leaking, because Dopper likes to replace parts instead of letting the entire Dopper bottle go to waste. From a sustainable point of view, it is a shame having to throw away perfectly usable Dopper parts.

Do the test
To help you as best as possible, we must first do a leak test:
Dry the Dopper bottle well with a cloth and then fill it with water (no gas). Is your Dopper leaking?

Now check the parts:
Is there a seal ring in the cap and does it connect properly?
Is there a seal ring in the cup and does it fit well?
Is the rim of the bottle nice and smooth?

After this test it should be clear where the leakage is, between the cup and the bottle or the cap and the cup.

Is it too fast? Check out our video instruction.


Is it a Dopper Original? Let us know which version of the Dopper Original you have. We have two different versions of the Dopper Original. These are not interchangeable. The Dopper New School can be recognized by the blue ring in the cup (check it out in the photo below) and the lower screw thread on the bottle.


Don't forget to leave your address in the contact form. Then we immediately know where we can send a possible new part!