Dopper is a carbon neutral company. What does that mean?


In January 2022, we officially became a carbon neutral company. (Huzzah!) Being a Certified Carbon Neutral Company means we’ve reduced our carbon emissions, also known as CO2 emissions, as much as we currently can, and compensate what we do emit so the earth is able to absorb it. 
How we’ve reduced our emissions 
Dopper’s operations emit greenhouse gases (like carbon dioxide). Things like the production of raw materials, the manufacturing of our bottles, heating and electricity of our buildings, and transportation of our goods and our team all result in emissions. Here are some examples of how we’ve reduced our emissions so far: 

☀ The Dopper Original is produced 100% emission-free by using renewable energy 
🚲 Webshop orders are delivered by bicycle in sixty cities in the Netherlands 
🚆 91% of Dopper employees commute emission-free 
🌊 Our sea transportation runs on biofuel thanks to the Good Shipping program 
🏢 Our headquarters (Oceans, Haarlem) is powered by renewable energy 

Carbon neutral vs. net zero
Achieving carbon neutral is a great milestone. But actually, we’ve gone even further by becoming ‘net zero’. The difference is a bit technical, but in summary net zero continues where carbon neutral stops. In practice, it means: 

📝 We report and compensate emissions not only for our products, but for the organisation as a whole.  
📗 We report and compensate not only our direct emissions, but also the emissions of companies that supply products and services to us.  
🌎 Our reduction targets are in line with the so-called Science Based Targets, the pathway that limits global warming to 1.5°C. 
🌳 We invest in a compensation project (reforestation) that not only avoids, but also absorbs carbon from the air. 

How do we compensate our remaining emissions? 
We can’t reduce all our emissions to zero (yet). So we compensate what we do emit. We do this by investing in a long-term reforestation project in China. 

Next steps 
Now that we’re carbon neutral – and even net zero – we’ll focus on reducing our emissions even further. So there’s even less to compensate. The majority of our remaining emissions are linked to the raw materials used to create our Dopper bottles. So over the next few years, we’ll work to reduce that. Step by step. 

Additional reading 
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