FAQ Dopper take-back program


Have we left you with questions about our take-back program? Read the most frequently asked questions below.

My Dopper bottle is broken. Can I return my bottle through the take-back program?
Is the damage covered by the warranty? Then you can use the chat at the bottom right of your screen. If the bottle is no longer usable for another reason (someone has run over it or the dog has taken a bite), you can return the bottle via the take-back program!

My bottle isn't broken, but I don't use it anymore. Can I return it through the take-back program?
Always check first if you can make someone else happy with it. You can also sell via a 2nd hand market place like marktplaats.nl or secondhand.net. Is that not possible and do you still want to give your bottle a second life and have it recycled in the right way? Then the bottle is welcome in our take-back program.

Do I get money for my old bottle?
No, returning your bottle is voluntary and without compensation. Of course you get karma points for it and the satisfaction that your bottle is recycled in the best way.

Can I also hand in parts of the bottle?
Of course! It doesn't matter if you're handing in a part or a full bottle.

Can I also return my printed Dopper?
Of course! We are just as happy to accept these bottles as unprinted ones.

I do not live in the Netherlands. How can I return my old bottle?
The take-back program only runs in the Netherlands via the WAAR shops. Outside the Netherlands, it is best to recycle your bottle through a local program. Which material should go where? You can find it here.

What actually happens to my old bottle?
Dopper collects all bottles and ensures that they are sorted by material and color. Then they go to our recycling partner. This ensures that beautiful raw materials for new products are made from it.

Will new Dopper bottles be made from my old bottle?
Unfortunately not yet. In Europe there are strict rules for the use of recycled material in food packaging (such as a bottle). This stands in the way of direct use of the materials in our own production. We are investigating what is possible to use 'upcycled' materials in our new bottles.

Can't I just as well put my bottle in the plastic waste?
The Netherlands already achieves high scores when it comes to recovering raw materials from (plastic) waste. But at Dopper we think it can be even better! Besides the fact that we take responsibility for 'our' materials, we ensure that 100% is recycled. Moreover, we know the composition of each material, which means that it can be processed more efficiently and with a higher quality.

Why is Dopper doing this?
At Dopper, we believe that as a producer you should take responsibility for the materials you bring into the world. It fits in with the Cradle to Cradle philosophy that we use when developing and making our bottles. This also means that you offer a good solution when the materials have reached the end of their (first) life. In the circular economy there is no waste. So the materials we use for our bottles must also be suitable for a second life. We actively ensure that this happens.

Can I also return other brands of bottles?
Unfortunately not. We know exactly which materials are used for our own bottles and we have a guarantee that they can be recycled safely and with high quality. Bottles from other brands could therefore pollute this flow. We do not rule out the possibility that it will be possible in the future.

Does the bottle have to be clean to return?
It is not mandatory to return the bottle clean, but you will do the retailer, the carrier and especially the sorters a great favor if you rinse and dry the bottle beforehand.