Water tap points on Google Maps

View all water tap points on Google Maps here.

Read more for the FAQ that will hopefully tackle all your questions. 

Why did you only add taps in the Netherlands?

Adding so many locations to Google Maps has never been done before. Consequently, we and our partner Localyse chose to start with 1 country to learn about the process. This allows us to use these learning when we expand to other countries. We have the ambition to add all public water taps in Belgium, Germany, France and Spain in 2023.


The water tap isn't at the place Google Maps is indicating it to be, what now?

Oops! Please help us out by suggesting a change on Google Maps.

In English, click on ‘Suggest edit'.

In Dutch click on ‘Bewerking voorstellen'. Please suggest the correct info so that we can update the location. You rock!


The water tap is broken and not working, what now?

We’re sorry about that. You can help us by doing two things:

  • Call the phone number indicated on the pin. This is the malfunctions phone line of the responsible water company. They will likely fix the water tap as soon as possible.
  • Please suggest a change on Google Maps by suggesting different opening hours to ‘closed'. This way we know the tap is broken and other people don't search for a broken tap!


Who is responsible for the quality of the water?

The quality of drinking water is good throughout the Netherlands. The Dutch tap water is continuously and strictly checked by the drinking water companies.

Quality requirements for tap water are in the Drinking Water Decree, based on the European Drinking Water Directive. This sets the permitted concentration of certain substances such as nitrate, copper and lead. There are also requirements with regard to products such as pipes and taps. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management monitors compliance with these requirements.

Want to read more? https://www.onswater.nl/onderwerpen/kwaliteit-van-drinkwater


Can I leave a review?

Yes, and please do! Reviews help locations on Google Maps to become more visible. If we may suggest, 5 stars help the best with this of course. Please note that reviews should be unique, so no copy-pasting please.

Is a tap broken? Please don't leave a 1-star review, as reviews last forever. Instead, please call the phone number indicated on Google Maps.


Can I upload pictures?

Yes, and please do! Images help locations on Google Maps to become more visible. Be creative, and while you’re at it, why not make a Instagram Story about it? Don’t forget to tag @dopper_official


How can I add a missing water tap?

Did you find a missing water tap? Well done! Please help us by filling out this form and we will add the tap.

Please note that it is a paid service for us to update the locations on Google Maps. Therefore, we will only do this a few times a year. So, keep in mind that it might take some time before your location is actually live on Google Maps.


What type of water taps can I add?

Any water tap that is publicly or semi-publicly available can be added. Find an overview of the most common water taps here.


I don't want my water tap on Google Maps, what can I do?

Did we upload a water tap that shouldn't be there? Or are you the owner of a water tap that you don’t want to be on Google Maps? Bummer. Please send us an email at watertap@dopper.com  with a link to the pin on Google Maps and we'll have a look at it.


How did Dopper receive the data of the water taps?

The most data we received directly from suppliers of water taps, so water companies and NS. For the remaining water taps, we consulted the water tap finders water companies created on their websites. Finally, we used the OpenStreetMap and drinkwaterkaart.nl databases to add the final ones.