Why and how is the impact of the Dopper Water Tap made insightful?


How can I see the impact I am making with the Dopper Water Tap?  
On the droplet (user) and the Impact Dashboard (owner). The total impact together with other Water Tap and Dopper bottle users can be seen on the Dopper website.  

Why does the Dopper Water Tap come with the Impact Dashboard?  
The Dopper Water Tap is a tap that changes behaviour. We want to change the behaviour of the users of the tap, but also of the owners (the organisations that bought the Dopper Water Tap), that's why we created the dashboard. With the dashboard the owner of the tap can see how much impact they are making by offering the tap to their customers / clients / employees. With this data we can measure a variety of things such as amount of single-use water bottles avoided and times, or days people tap the most. The dashboard is the place where all this information is visible and accessible to the Dopper Water Tap owner.  

Our smart tap provides inspiring impact figures, enabling you to share company impact goals with your audience.