Where and from which materials is the Dopper Water Tap produced?


Where is the Dopper Water Tap produced?  

We are proud of the fact that the Dopper Water Tap is produced and assembled in the Netherlands.  

All electronics are bought at Dutch suppliers. The faucet is developed with Jee-O, a Dutch company. Their production is done in China, we have sought for a production partner who could produce the faucet in Europe as we wanted to produce as close by as possible. However, we have not been able to find a partner who could do this, mainly because of the design of a custom-made faucet which has some design aspects (e.g. a short bow) which are difficult to produce. We are very happy with the collaboration with Jee-O, their expertise and social conduct that they have with their production location.  

How sustainable and sturdy is the Dopper Water Tap?  
The Dopper Water Tap is built to last. Because a Water Tap that lasts can make more impact. Because of the strong stainless steel and solid construction the product can take a serious beating. Goal of the Water Tap is to last 10 years.  

The product is designed to reduce water spillage through the use of the infrared sensor. It automatically stops the water flow as soon as it doesn’t detect anything close to the tap. Also, water flows stop automatically after 30 seconds to prevent overuse of water. Additionally, a built-in system automatically flushes the Tap for cleaning every 48 hours.  

The Dopper Water Tap is designed with end of life in mind. The main component of the product is metal which is highly recyclable, and can be completely disassembled so we can keep materials in a closed loop.