Is my Dopper bottle made from safe materials?


Absolutely. Dopper products are free from harmful substances like BPA, BPS or phthalates. They comply with European (EC No. 1935/2004) and American (FDA) food safety regulations.  

But don’t take our word for it. All Dopper bottles are Cradle to Cradle Certified®. The golden standard for safe, circular and responsible products. This means that various assessments have shown that no toxic substances are released by using a Dopper bottle. And that it is ready for the circular economy.


Is there lead in our bottles? Not on our watch! 🚫 

No, and there never has been.


Let us explain (and yes, this is going to be slightly technical, but it’s worth it, promise).

Insulated bottles, like ours, need a stopper to close the vacuum at the bottom. This is done with a tiny glass bead inside a vacuum oven that melts and covers the pin hole where the vacuum is drawn. Now, some bottle manufacturers use leaded glass due to its lower melting point (800°C vs 1100°C for lead-free glass), making the process faster (and thus cheaper). 


We've chosen another path. Our stoppers are created using lead-free glass; it may take a bit more time, but the result is a bottle that is safe, durable, and free from harmful contaminants.

When we embarked on our Insulated bottle adventure in 2017, we picked a new factory with a pristine production line. We and our partners were determined to steer clear of lead. No shortcuts, no compromises. So, rest assured, we’ve never dabbled in lead, and neither has our supplying partner. 💪🏽🌟 


Just like the concern for plastic particles in your water, the concern about lead in your bottle is real. Our commitment goes beyond providing an alternative to single-use packaged water. All of our bottles and accessories are Cradle to Cradle Certified®, meaning that they adhere to the strictest sustainable requirements.