Findability and display of Dopper Water Taps on Google Maps


How does the Google Maps water tap registration relate to the Dopper Water Tap? 
We have the ambition to make it easy, fun and obvious to refill your reusable bottle rather than buying a single-use water bottle. By adding Dopper Water Taps we will create an even larger network of publicly available water taps for people to refill their reusable bottle, so they never have to buy a thus single-use plastic water bottle again.   

Is a Dopper Water Tap automatically uploaded on Google Maps? 
No, it is only uploaded with the consent of the Dopper Water Tap owner. Additionally, we need some extra information from the owner, such as availability, opening hours, etc. 

Does the Google Maps service make it easier for people to find my business? 
Yes! With thousands of searches every day for nearby water taps on Google Maps, your business will be highlighted to a lot of people nearby. When your Dopper Water Tap is inside, you might even see people coming inside and refilling their bottle. Since the launch on Google Maps, the search volume for water taps increased over 650% and all water taps combined have been shown 7.5 million times in the first three months after launch.