Do I have an Old School or a New School Dopper bottle?


In 2018 we launched an improved version of our well-known Original. We have two versions of the Dopper Original circulating because of this. The bottle and cup are unfortunately not interchangeable, so it is important to check which part you order to avoid getting wet.

You can recognize the difference by the location of the screw thread on the colored bottle. Is the thread about finger thickness below the top edge of the bottle? Then you have a NEW SCHOOL Dopper.

An OLD SCHOOL Dopper can be recognized by the screw thread against the top edge of the bottle.


Old-school-x-New-school-visual-Vector-Trans (1)

Do you still have doubts? Hopefully this step-by-step plan gives you clarity or use the chat at the bottom right of your screen. and we will be happy to help you!