How do I recycle my Dopper Glass?

Look at you, thinking ahead and caring about the environment! While this bottle is meant to last you years, accidents do happen. So, in case your bottle breaks these are the steps to follow. First of all: be careful with glass shards. We don’t like blood and we assume you don’t either. Secondly: don’t throw the bottle, its cup or the insulated cap in the recycling bin. What?! Yeah, you read that right. Don’t. Borosilicate glass does not mix well with jam jars and wine bottles. Recycle your Dopper by bringing it to your local recycling station. They know how to recycle it properly.

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*the cap of the 400 ml bottle is fully recyclable. Throw it in your plastic waste container!  

What!? The Dopper Glass can’t be thrown into the glass container? Why did you use this material?The Dopper Glass bottles are made of borosilicate glass. This type of glass has a lot of kick-ass qualities. It’s thin, light and surprisingly strong. But wait, there’s more! Bottles made of borosilicate glass have superior clarity, durability and heat resistance. It even has ocean saving powers, in the right shape and form. All those aspects together increase the lifespan of your favourite bottle significantly. We’d rather have a bottle that stays beautiful for ages, compared to one that you’ll only like for a short time.

Hmm, borosilicate glass. That sound dangerous.
Even though the name sounds like an evil Disney character, it’s actually the protagonist. Borosilicate glass is made from 100% natural minerals and is lead- and BPA-free. We even gather and recycle all production waste. So, don’t be surprised when cute forest (or aquatic) animals start to hang out around you. You’re doing your part for the world, and it shows!   

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