Meet Dopper x Unrobe – a stylish statement for sustainability


We wouldn’t touch 
battery eggs with a bargepole, and we’d sooner our hamburgers were organic. If possible, with the farmer’s (and preferably even the cow’s) name on the packaging. Transparent. Honest. Good for the environment, and for your karma. Why isn’t it the same with clothing? Globally, the clothing industry is one of the worst pollution culprits, yet sustainability doesn’t appear to get a look in. But that doesn’t stop us. This summer, together with Unrobe, we’ll be making a fashion statement.

Unrobe is a new, Amsterdam-based clothing brand with a mission: to shake up the clothing industry and make it more transparent, sustainable, and affordable. Without a jute sack to wear in sight. Unrobe is bang-on trend, but sustainable nonetheless. Good working conditions, organic cotton, chemical and pesticide-free, and minimum water wastage. Dopper knows all about dovetailing design and sustainability. Maybe it was the summer vibes, or the mojitos, but a summer romance quickly blossomed once we’d met. We decided to promote a sustainable lifestyle and to literally don our mission with a couple of limited edition pieces. Dopper x Unrobe: made for each other!

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