Why is there a Dopper Old School and a Dopper New School?

Since 2018 we have new machines so we can produce more Doppers than before. The machines are completely made the way we wanted it! But we had to wait for them a little while. In the meantime we've collected feedback. Because of the feedback we did some small adjustments to the machine, and that's why there is now a Dopper New School! 

Because of the lower screw in the bottle of the New School Dopper it's easier to crew the cup to the bottle. The Dopper will now close faster! You also need less power to open the Dopper. The bottom part of the Dopper is now less sharp on the edge and it's now harder for the Dopper to waver.  

Check out the pictures below to see the difference between the Old School and New School Dopper! White-cup-old-new.png 



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