I would like to purchase printed Doppers

Great! We recommend to go to https://dopper.com/branded-water-bottles for an impression and quote. 

Below the most important information / points of attention for ordering customized Doppers.

Logo preferences

- Vector format (.EPS or .AI) in PMS Solid Coated.
- For a correct display of text on the print surface, provide the logo with letter contours. 
- Optional a name list in Excel-sheet for production.

Learn here more about logo preferences.

Print format:
Max. 30x35 mm, 45x35 mm or 60x35 mm (wxh)

Minimum order quantity and packaging

For business orders we have a minimum order volume of 60 pieces. Under 60 pieces you can go to our B2C store. Please note, limited printing options apply here.


We sell our bottles on the basis of full packaging units:

- Dopper Original - 12 pieces
- Dopper Steel (800 ml) - 6 pieces
- Dopper Steel (490 ml) - 12 pieces 
- Dopper Insulated (350 ml) - 6 pieces
- Dopper Insulated (580 ml) - 6 pieces
- Dopper Glass (400 ml) - 12 pieces
- Dopper Glass Insulated (450 ml) - 6 pieces

Payment has to be made in advance.

Production time:

10 business days from the moment the files have been approved and payment has been made.

Delivery time will depend on the location of the shipment. 


For additional questions contact our sales team by email print@dopper.com or call +3123-2049905. 

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