My Dopper bottle smells musty and the water tastes bad

The cleaning suggestions below may help prevent a musty smell and bad tasting water:

Cleaning tip
To get rid of the smell/taste you could (just) fill the coloured bottom half with very warm (not boiling!) water. If you leave it to rest for about 30 minutes and then rinse it, the smell should have gone.

Allow the Dopper to dry well
It is important to properly dry and air the Dopper after you have used and cleaned it. Never store the Dopper in a cupboard with the cap and cup screwed on, but leave them off.

Try washing by hand
Try cleaning the Dopper by hand. The smell may have resulted from using aggressive dishwasher detergents. At the Dopper office we use ecological dishwasher tablets by Ecover – they are definitely worth considering!

No luck with the suggestions mentioned above? Please let us know!
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Thanks in advance!