My Dopper Steel is leaking

It goes without saying that the Dopper should not be leaking! You are right to look for information here. We need you to help us find out which part of the Dopper is leaking, because at Dopper we prefer to replace parts instead of letting the entire Dopper go to waste. From a sustainable point of view, it is a shame having to throw away perfectly usable Dopper parts.

Please use the contact form to answer the following questions:

  • Thoroughly dry all the parts of the Dopper with a cloth and then fill it with water. Is it still leaking?
  • Can you see a rubber sealing ring in the cap and does it fit properly?
  • Can you see a rubber sealing ring in the cup (the middle part) and does it fit properly?
  • Does the Dopper leak between the cap and the white cup? Or between the cup and the steel bottle?

Please make sure to enter your address, so we know where to send any replacement parts to.

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