I would like to know more about the service Dopper provides


Proper customer service is important to us! We have developed a policy that allows us to provide proper service and promote sustainability.

Please refer customers directly to our Service Department when they come to you with questions or complaints. This allows us to keep track of the type and recurrence of questions in order to be able to adjust our production process accordingly if necessary.

The customer can contact us in a few ways:

  • You can refer your customers to this online Help Centre with information on a variety of complaints.
  • Your customers can send an email to our Service Department: service@dopper.com.
  • Customers can contact our Service Department by calling +31 (0)23-7370445

We take any complaints seriously and always take time to find the cause of the complaint together with our customers. We try, for instance, to determine which of the three Dopper parts cause it to leak. This way we only have to replace the actual part that is causing the problem, instead of the Dopper as a whole. From a sustainable point of view that is very important to us.


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