Dopper & Covid-19

Can the Corona virus be shipped with you products?  
The Dopper Original is being made in the Netherlands. All our products are safely stored in a transportation carton for more than 72 hours (being on transport or in a warehouse). The virus cannot survive after this time-span. 
The Chinese-made bottles are at sea for weeks at ambient temperatures after production. Combine this with the fact that Corona viruses have poor survivability at surfaces, and we can safely say that you are not at risk. Next to that all people working in the Chinese factory on Dopper products are screened to make sure that they don't have 'Corona'. The bottles are always handled with care, with gloves and love, in order to keep them clean.

Can I still reach the Dopper office for questions, suggestions, tips, invoices etc? 
Yes, all employees are working from home. We are happy to answers your questions or to talk with you on the phone. You can still reach us at +31 23 727 04 45.
Because of the virus it is possible that shipment is taking a bit longer than you expect from us, because of the transport companies who are very busy. 
More questions? Please contact us via our contactform at!

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